Four rounds to go

….suffice to say this particular Friday was the worst of all the sessions, involving the hardest of all the exercises.

Becoming an Expert

First published 2015

Conspiracy Theory

…the only reason I’m caught up in this madness is because of the lunatics I’ve surrounded myself with.

Death by Kettlebell

Of all of the spectacularly self-sabotaging, irresponsible things I could have said, this would have to top the list.

Running three, Angela nil

I had finally become a runner, through nothing more than the power of thinking about running and buying some nice running tights.

Short but sweet

…more glam theatrics than a permed, stonewashed 80s concert.

Holiday Newsletter

……what started as a beautifully crafted penis ended up as a lopsided, scrawny chicken laying a single testicle egg.


So, here’s how it went down.


There was yelling, there was swearing, there was pointing and shouting, thrusting of arms into the air when we were ahead, burying of head into a cushion when the others scored against us.

A May Challenge

In the space of ten minutes Rob threatened to both trip me up and push me in the river. Then he called me an old lady. Indeed.